Waking Early!

We have all heard the saying about the early bird catching the worm, and boy isn’t that the truth.  When we are early for breakfast we get the best cup of coffee, when we are early for an appointment we get the best treatment, and when we are early in the department store we get the first glimpse of a sale.  Guess what?  When we are up early just to pray and give praises unto the Lord that is something which cannot be described with just one sentence.

When we are eager to get up to have our secret time with our Father; when we are up singing praises unto His name we feel a sense of heavenly peace in the atmosphere.  You’ve tried it, right?  Let me tell you, it’s awesome! He is awesome!!!

It’s a routine that you never quite get tired of.  Sort of like an obedient child.  They just want to be in your presence.  So I wake early and do my personal stuff, walk over to the stereo and turn on my favorite Christian station, singing softly in the background as I go on with my day.  When I dash off to the grocer because I work from home, there goes that same song in my vehicle.  When I return home and turn my doorknob the same song that was in my car is in my home.  What a routine, but a good one.  I hum and sing, and whatever I am facing or going through; that praise song to God reminds me that He has it all under control.

Try it, you might love it!