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The sun is still hidden, the cars can be heard from the roads nearby; and your lampstand keeps the same routine.  A bible within reach, cute alarm clock, and an antique lamp that was handed down to you from your great grandmother.  Slowly you slip out of bed, and zombie walk to the nearest restroom, brush your teeth and stare in the mirror for about 30 seconds before deciding whether to go back in bed.

It’s only 4:45 a.m., and you can catch another wink.  You make your way toward the side table and grab your bible, go to the bookmark spot, and read your motivation Scripture, Pslam 129;147, “I rise before dawn and cry for help; I have put my hope in your Word.”

Everything seems to be o.k., you think for a moment; is all in tact?  Your kids are still safely tucked in bed, you have no emergency, unexpected bill collectors calling you at all hours of the day, and your walk with the Lord seems to be on the right track.  You are applying the right Scriptures to your life and you’re happy.  The joy of the Lord is your strength.  So why do I need to get up so early, you keep going back to that, mentally.

I will cry for help, when my car breaks down, or when the kids get out of hand; or, when no one has called me in a month, but, now?  Do I need help now?   Of course we do!

Life is soooo unpredictable.  One day all is well, the next it seems as if a tornado was aiming for your house only.  So you realize that in preparation for your journey, you have to cry out for help!  Lord help me to keep my way in You, and keep me safe.  Lord keep my family surrounded by your goodness in all their goings, even if we seem to disagree often.  Lord lead us together in Your Word as we consider fellow laboring and fellowship.

Seeking Him first is a requirement, a commandment, a Scripture.  The Word of God says that when God is first in our lives, all things will be added to our life!,  (Matthew 6:33).  The Lord wants us to acknowledge that our hope is in Him.  Our hope is in the Word of God; not in humans, or in family, or in anyone else.  Our hope is in the Supreme Creator,  not in human hands or how they can benefit us.   When the hand of God is over our life, we have hope.  Thanks Be To God.

By: Annette Journet Jaco


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