Bright Eyes!

bright baby free

Mothers, I’m sure that we can all recall when our growing children were only tiny tot toddlers.  Early in the mornings we’d pull the covers off of their faces and we see two little bright eyes, poking at us.  They are so alert and cute that we just want to dunk them back underneath the covers like a donut dipped in chocolate, just to see that sunshine pop out again.

Oh, those beautiful memories are so awe pumping.  You are literally pumped with motivation when you can’t stop staring at those cuties that God has blessed us to care for.  Our very own little families.

They run around the house, in diaper pull-ups hanging low; and you grab them to change their clothing, clean them, feed them with such joy, or at times holding your breath.  Those little bundles of joy, ought to make us thank God every day for the impressions that we leave on them as mommy, and on us as babies making our day much fuller.

Just the same, when we look in the mirror, when others see us, when we greet people, we should be bright eye, just as our mothers use to see us, the way we joyfully see our children.

Ladies we can be joyful every day, for our gifts from God.  There is so much going on around us, but we must keep the courage, hope and faith, and act in that way in thankfulness to Him.  We should never forget that God is Supreme over our lives.

So like these little ones without a care in the world, that allow mommies and daddies to shelter them, to care for them; we ought to cast down negative imaginations that take hold of our daily lives.  We should just allow our Father to take care of us, to shelter us, to protect us and provide for us.  Besides, He is Jehovah Jireh and He will provide.  We only have to continue to have faith and trust in Him.  So put on that BIG smile, and be bright eye.  Let that twinkle shine, and have the joy and the blessings that God has given, in appreciation.

Praises To God.

By: Annette Journet Jaco


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